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Home Window Types: 8 Types You Should Consider

Have you ever wondered how many different types of windows you can have for your home? Most of us have seen just two or three different types of windows but windows come in different styles and designs. You will also get different customizable windows for the different rooms of your house. So, here we have come up with different window types that you can install for your house. Make sure that you consider all these options during the window installation process.

Double hung windows: Double hung windows can only open halfway. They can allow restricted air flow into the room. They are available in single hung options as well that open outwards. These windows can be used for the different rooms of your house. They are also quite easy to clean and repair.

Awning-windows: These kinds of windows are hinged at the top. They can be opened outwards and allow light and air to enter into the room from all directions. They are perfect for bedrooms and other rooms where privacy is important. You can also use these windows for your kitchen.

Casement windows: Casement windows are one of the most common types of windows. These windows open outwards so that light and air can enter into the room. These windows are known for their efficiency and they also have reduced price and are a durable option. You can use them for cabinets and countertops.

Bay windows: Bay windows can allow your room to look spacious. The windows contain a combination of double hung windows and casement windows. The windows have got a really good vibe and can change the aesthetics of the room. You will find these windows in the living rooms and the kitchen. They also allow maximum airflow.

Picture windows: Picture windows are stationary widows. They can be used to give your room an extraordinary visual appeal. They are used in those areas of the room where the air flow is not required. However, they allow maximum light to enter into the room.

Hopper windows: Hopper windows are commonly found in the basement. They allow proper ventilation in enclosed areas of the house. The windows can be sealed quite tightly and have a high level of energy efficiency. They are also quite affordable.

Slider windows: Slider windows can be slid along a particular track. The windows have at least one window that is operational while the other windows remain non-operational. They are quite common in contemporary homes.

Transom windows: Transom windows are narrow windows that are used for the stationary areas of the room. The windows can be mounted above your existing window and allow light to enter into the particular area.

These are the popular window types that you can have for your home. Consider all these window types and then choose the right type of windows for your house. This will not only increase the visual appeal of your house but will also offer you enhanced functionality.

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