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Urban 76mm Sliding Window

About Urban 76mm Sliding Window

The Urban 76mm Sliding Window has been designed to deliver high strength and performance. With an inbuilt drain flap for protection against weather and air interference, the Urban 76mm sliding window accepts a sash weight of up to 80kgs. It also comes with a range of interlocks to build a high-performance window.
Designed for Australian climatic conditions, the Urban 76mm sliding window has been tested and exceeds Australian Standard AS2047

Urban 76mm Sliding Window Design Features:

  • Accepts glass thickness from 4mm to 10.38mm single glazed glass and 16 & 20mm double glazed glass.

  • Mullion centre locking system

  • Sash weight up to 80Kgs

  • Frame Height up to 1650mm

  • Can be attached to the Fixed window system to have lowlights or highlights or both

  • A range of interlocks available to build a high performance window

Tested to AS2047:

Urban 76mm Sliding Window Video

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Standard Configurations
Maximum weight per panel
Maximum height per panel
Maxiumim Width per panel
Glass Thickness
Test Report No.
Water Rating (Pa)
Structural (Pa)
Ultimate (Pa)
Urban 76mm Sliding Window
Single Glazed=10.38mm
Double Glazed=20mm
Standard Configurations
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